About ascensacion

Ascensacion International Inc. and its founder Stephan Bernier work to provide adventure travelers around the world with the most exciting and safest zipline experiences possible. After a decade in business, Quebec, Canada-based Ascensacion has designed, engineered, and built some 30 ziplines of various types and lengths in North and South America, the Middle East, and Asia. Ascensacion concentrates on constant improvement of its products and services, and maintains the full range of safety protocols required by the United States and Canada, in addition to those promulgated by the Professional Ropes Course Association and the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Ascensacion focuses extensively on training for its clients’ zipline operators. Ascensacion insists that everyone working on-site, from the venue owner to the managerial staff and tour guides, have up-to-date knowledge of the equipment they use, including its proper maintenance and operation. The Ascensacion team customizes its training for each location, supplies a thorough instruction manual, and advocates regular and consistent safety inspections. As part of the Ascensacion plan, each client receives training in harness and helmet adjustment; safety line-tying; management of the system’s pulley, carabiner, and back-up equipment; cable maintenance; attachment points; and operation of all of the rescue equipment and procedures Ascensacion recommends. As Ascensacion President and lead engineer, Stephan Bernier knows his products and his audience. He taught himself to use high-level skills in dynamics and construction that resulted in the building of one of the world’s major ziplines in Cusco, Peru, with a span in excess of 2,100 meters. Mr. Bernier has climbed Aconcagua, the Andean peak that is the highest point in the Americas, and has participated in numerous ascents in Canada. He studied at Laval University in Quebec, where he focused on communication and administration, and has been a rock climber for almost two decades. He and Ascensacion contribute to several animal welfare organizations.


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